Real Estate Investment Loans. You Invest. We Do The Rest.

PeerStreet sources, vets, structures and manages real estate loans – all you have to do is pick the investments that are right for you.

We're leveling the playing field – this is real estate investing for beginners, experts and everyone in between.

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The marketplace for investing in real estate debt

We manage a two-sided marketplace that connects you to real estate investment loans from a nationwide network of vetted private lenders and brokers. Browse and select from investments offering different yields, terms, and LTV ratios, across either residential or multifamily properties.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable portfolio
  • Transparent investment opportunities

New investments are typically posted each business day at noon Pacific Time.

Hands-on or hands-off investing

Use Automated Investing to reserve your spot in real estate investment loans that meet your criteria as soon as they go live. You then have 24 hours to review each opportunity before committing.This ability to invest—and automatically reinvest in small increments—makes diversification a breeze.

Get started for as little as $1,000

Fund your account, then easily spread your capital across multiple real estate investment loans with our low $1,000 minimum.

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Hundreds of data points for you to analyze

Enjoy a streamlined investment experience with our proprietary technology platform. It’s been designed for ease of use, security, and scalability, and provides transparency into each investment so you can make more informed decisions.

Insights at your fingertips

Take a deep-dive into your portfolio performance to check investment status, transaction history, and more. You can easily reinvest or withdraw your earnings at any time. We present the insights to level the playing field for real estate investing for beginners and experts alike.

Traditional Real Estate Investing

  • Time consuming process of finding investment opportunities
  • Manually vetting each deal using untrustworthy data
  • Working with a real estate agent to submit offers
  • Spending countless days working with banks to acquire funding
  • Attending closing process
  • Personal credit and DTI affected after purchase
  • Poor diversification due to significant capital required for each deal
  • Real estate opportunities posted daily
  • Loan criteria displayed from trustworthy data sources
  • Automatically get placed into investments that match your criteria with Automated Investing
  • Low $1,000 minimum allows for better diversification
  • Team of real estate professionals working on your behalf
  • Monthly interest payments transferred directly into your account
  • Real estate investing for beginners and advanced investors

Protecting your principal

Investor safety is one of PeerStreet’s core tenets. From investment to payoff, our marketplace helps protect your capital when you invest in any of our real estate opportunities.

A property behind every investment

Investment opportunities are secured by a property.

Short durations

Term of investments typically range from 1 to 36 months.

First-lien position

Senior secured offerings mean you are first in line to be repaid.


Automation, broad selection, and low minimums enable you to invest in many opportunities, not just a few.

The journey from home loan to investment opportunity

We’ve made it easy for you to invest in real estate opportunities, but behind the scenes, there are hundreds of people—and years of engineering expertise—powering an advanced technology platform that unlocks access to these investments. We've made real estate investing for beginners and advanced investors.

A borrower needs a short-term “bridge” loan to improve a property to sell or rent for profit.

These are everyday entrepreneurs and real estate investors looking for capital.

They take out a loan from a lender in PeerStreet’s nationwide lender network.

Comprised of hundreds of private lenders and brokers from across the country.

Lenders submit these loans to PeerStreet for consideration.

Our technology-driven platform identifies those loans that match investor demand.

After being reviewed, loans are published to the PeerStreet marketplace.

Get clear insight into every opportunity, with details on location, property valuation, photos, borrower credit details, and more.

Investors can then self-select or use Automated Investing to invest in the loans they’re most interested in.

Investment offerings include different yields, terms, and LTV ratios across residential, multifamily, or commercial properties.

Once funded, PeerStreet’s professional real estate, legal, and finance teams manage each loan through its lifecycle.

Servicing collects payments from borrowers and distributes proceeds to investors, while the Asset Management team is ready to step in if things don’t go as expected.

Investors receive payments.

As borrowers make payments, PeerStreet distributes your share directly to your account.


Communities are improved, one property at a time.

You’ve helped a borrower enhance a property and improve an American neighborhood, often creating jobs and supporting local businesses in the process.

Join the thousands of others investing in real estate debt.

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