We are a group of cross-industry experts who quit our day jobs to transform real estate finance in a way that creates a better deal for everyone.

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About Brew
I started this company based on one simple premise: We want to give everyone access to investments that were previously available to the select few.
Brew Johnson Co-Founder and CEO
About Brett
We're applying lessons learned at Google to a space that's been almost untouched by technology. And it just so happens to be one of the world's largest financial markets. The value we can unlock for the entire ecosystem of investors, borrowers and lenders is staggering.
Brett Crosby Co-Founder and COO
About Alex
Real estate finance has yet to find a truly effective way to use technology as an industry-wide equalizer. Here at PeerStreet, we believe we have the right vision to create a platform that will lead to lasting, positive change. We see what the future looks like and have put together a world class team to transform an industry that affects every single person in this country.
Alex Perelman Co-Founder and CTO
About Brendan
I’ve always been drawn to the challenge of transforming an industry through innovation, like being part of the team that took Amazon beyond books, into the success it is today. Our product is already changing the way people invest in real estate, and there is still much more to come.
Brendan Kao CPO

Our distinguished investors and advisors

Dr. Michael Burry Founder and CEO Scion Asset Management, LLC

Rob Brennan Senior Managing Director and CREFC Founding Member

Chris Warmuth President of City National Bank

Hardeep Walia CEO and founder of Motif Investing

Adam Nash Former CEO of Wealthfront

Doug Holte President of Irvine Company Office Properties

Barry Ritholtz Founder and CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management

Charles Thompson Founder and President of Evergreen Residential

Michael L. Matkins Founding Partner of Allen Matkins

JR Johnson Serial Entrepreneur

Kevin Miller Founding Member of Thorofare Capital

Othman Laraki Founder and President of Color Genomics

George Duncan Managing Director and Real Estate Finance Expert

Ron Suber Former President of Prosper Marketplace

Our venture partners