E.N.U.F. Mentorship Program

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April 1, 2021


June-July 2021


August 2021


E.N.U.F. is a program designed for real estate entrepreneurs from underserved backgrounds who are committed to improving their communities and closing the wealth gap using the power of real estate. We will identify these entrepreneurs and provide mentorship and seed capital. 

Entrepreneurs will be paired with mentors who are industry experts and will coach them through taking on a single family investment project. When the entrepreneur has identified a property*, they can apply to the E.N.U.F. fund for seed capital in the form of an equity investment. 

10 entrepreneurs will be selected for the program.

Ideal candidate

Ideal candidates are community-centric and have a compelling desire to invest in the communities they live and work in, provide better quality housing options for their neighbors and create wealth. They are able to work with diverse groups of people and build lasting relationships. They possess the spirit of E.N.U.F.’ s mission. They possess valuable experience in the world of real estate. They are individuals who are determined to make a positive impact and turn to E.N.U.F. to equip them with the tools to make that happen. If capital and mentorship are your biggest barriers then we encourage you to apply.


To be eligible to apply for E.N.U.F., an applicant must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Currently reside in the United States
  • Be a member of an underserved community*
  • Have a high school diploma
  • Demonstrate a passion for real estate investing and community improvement
  • Have real estate experience OR some college experience. Some examples include:
    • You have successfully completed 1 or more fix and flips
    • You have successfully managed 1 or more rental properties
    • You have worked directly with real estate investors, brokers or lenders
    • You have completed real estate classes/courses or real estate educational training
  • Share the same vision and mission of E.N.U.F.
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* A note on underserved

E.N.U.F. has purposely chosen to focus on entrepreneurs who come from underserved backgrounds who are interested in a real estate investment project located in an underserved community. 

When we think about the definition of underserved, we look at a wide variety of factors: median income levels, rent burden rates, high school and college graduation rates, whether the community is located in a bank desert, poverty rates, just to name a few. No one factor is dispositive and E.N.U.F. will take a holistic view when determining whether a neighborhood is underserved.