Enough is E.N.U.F.
Help us narrow the wealth gap and improve underserved communities from within.

Together, we can empower a new generation of entrepreneurs to invest in underserved communities.

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A typical white family has nearly 10x more wealth than that of a Black family. 

White families are more likely to hold financial assets such as homes, retirement accounts, family businesses and stocks which are instrumental in building wealth. The value of these things gets passed down from generation to generation. 

Unequal inheritances, especially home ownership, play a big part in this disparity and we want to help narrow that wealth gap.

The E.N.U.F. project will identify up and coming real-estate entrepreneurs from underserved communities and will provide:


We are leveraging our nationwide network to connect emerging entrepreneurs with mentoring, advice and coaching from industry experts.

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Seed Capital

The E.N.U.F. Collective Action Fund is a charitable investment fund that provides seed capital and financing to help get entrepreneurs started.

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Lack of equal access to opportunity is one of the most fundamental reasons why there is inequality in America today. There are many entrepreneurs from underserved communities who have the drive to better their communities but no resources and support to do it. We wanted to do something about this problem within the context of our business and our work with real estate entrepreneurs, lenders, and investors around the country.
Brew Johnson

E.N.U.F. is powered by PeerStreet

E.N.U.F. was born from PeerStreet’s mission to create value and invest in communities, together.

To date, PeerStreet users have invested $4B in neighborhoods through real estate projects. Now we are leveraging the PeerStreet platform to deliver capital in communities where it is needed most.