Head of Loan Products, Tom Hallock


Editor’s note: this post is part of an ongoing series highlighting some of our recent new-hires who are having an outsized impact on our business. We’re incredibly proud of the team we have and excited to introduce you to some of our new people and the work they do.

As a company, we’re excited about where we’ve been and even moreso about where we’re headed. So let us introduce you to some of our new leaders who will help shepherd us into the future. Oh and if you want to work with these impressive people, we're hiring!


What is your role at PeerStreet? 

My primary role at PeerStreet is to expand PeerStreet’s lending products while building out an exceptional leadership team for our business lines. Additionally, as Head of Loan Products I work closely with our Product, Capital Markets, and FinOps teams focused on our loan profitability and performance.

What did you do prior to PeerStreet?

Prior to joining PeerStreet I was the Chief Lending Officer for Genesis Capital. Most of my career has been focused in the real estate and real estate lending industry. I started my career in community banking in Santa Barbara at Montecito Bank and Trust. From there I became Director of Construction Lending at Countrywide Home Loans and built out their One-Time-Close single family construction loan program. I then pivoted back into commercial lending at Indy Mac, Affinity Bank and then back to Countrywide Bank specializing in Home Builder Construction products. During the Great Recession, I started a consulting group that partnered with a construction platform and we contracted with the FDIC to manage their construction risk associated with failed banks. In 2011 I joined American Homes 4 Rent and led a number of different groups for them including the start-up of AMIP, their non-performing note buying and management platform. 

What do you think makes PeerStreet unique?

PeerStreet's vision on how to create a private lending marketplace through technology is so inspiring.  

What are your favorite parts of the PeerStreet culture summarized in three words?

People, passion, teamwork

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Innovation and creativity. I love taking something, breaking it apart, and seeing how we can put it back together so it works faster, better and more profitably. 

How do you spend your time when you are not at work? 

I really love to hang out with my best friend, my wife, Allison. She and I spend a lot of time focused on our family and making sure we are building a great relationship with each other and our children. 

Define yourself in three words.

Positive, thoughtful, hopeful

Thanks Tom! And congratulations on your son’s incredible performance on the men’s US Olympic water polo team! 

If you’d like to join Tom and our team at PeerStreet, we’re hiring!

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