Senior Product Manager, Ben Brammer

Editor’s note: this post is part of an ongoing series highlighting some of our recent new-hires who are having an outsized impact on our business. We’re incredibly proud of the team we have and excited to introduce you to some of our new people and the work they do.

As a company, we’re excited about where we’ve been and even moreso about where we’re headed. So let us introduce you to some of our new leaders who will help shepherd us into the future. Oh and if you want to work with these impressive people, we're hiring!

What is your role at PeerStreet? 

Sr. Product Manager

What did you do prior to PeerStreet?

Prior to PeerStreet I worked at CoreLogic as a Sr. Product Manager in their appraisal software organization and was the Director of Product at WeGoLook.

What do you think makes PeerStreet unique?

The desire to democratize the real estate debt space. I think there are a lot of players currently tackling some of the broken pieces in the real estate transaction process (agents, title companies, inspection, appraisal, etc.) but I don’t know of many that are addressing some of the inequities caused by access, or lack thereof, to upstream capital and debt securities. 

What are your favorite parts of the PeerStreet culture summarized in three words?

Connected. Honest. Driven.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Solving problems. It’s why I’ve been attracted to the product space for most of my career. We are the front line for all sorts of issues that come up across the organization, so being able to work with team members to find creative solutions using technology and process improvement has been incredibly rewarding.

How do you spend your time when you are not at work?

Prowling the internet looking for the next real estate investment opportunity that I can’t afford and spending time with my wife and (almost) 2 year old daughter.

Define yourself in three words.

Dad, Okie, & OverCaffeinated.

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