PeerStreet’s Plans to Foster a Hybrid Workforce

Our CEO, Brew Johnson, was recently quoted in a post written by Andreessen Horowitz about the future of work; in the office and remotely. 

The crux of the article talks about how COVID changed the way we all work and how we have approached hiring during the pandemic. We all were reminded that distributed teams working remotely can be effective. Some people prefer it, while others can’t wait to return to the office. Some companies are going fully remote, others going back to the office, but most are embracing a new hybrid model in at least some capacity. 

At PeerStreet, we’ve been hiring remote team members all along, but it certainly accelerated over the past year. We are actively planning to be a remote friendly company for the foreseeable future. We’ve found we have been able to enhance our talent pool with fewer location based restrictions. There are trade-offs of course, such as fewer hallway conversations and impromptu brainstorm sessions, but we’ve been learning to do those things in other ways and find new ways to foster the culture we hold dear. 

When Brew was asked, “Do you think your company can be as innovative and creative in a remote or hybrid work environment?”, his answer considered some of the most significant pros and cons: 

No, but it’s not an apples to apples comparison because the hiring pool and talent are different. Being in person is much better for innovation and problem solving, but the fact is, on average, we are attracting much higher quality talent now that we are remote. The up leveling in the talent pool may allow us to be more innovative going forward.” -Brew Johnson, CEO at PeerStreet

Whatever the future brings, it is clear that remote working for at least some portion of the workforce is here to stay. That goes for many companies, including PeerStreet.

You can see the full results of portfolio CEOs surveyed by Andreessen Horowitz here.

We’re hiring for a number of roles. If you would like to join us, remotely or in office, please visit our careers page.

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