PeerStreet Launches New Features for Lenders at Awards Ceremony

The American Association of Private Lenders’ (AAPL) Annual Conference in Las Vegas was a marquee event for us this year. Our co-founder and COO, Brett Crosby, gave a presentation at the show to explain why the two-sided marketplace approach of the PeerStreet platform is so unique, and our vision for the health of our industry.The highlight of the seminar was the announcement of these key product launches, which help empower our lenders to fund more loans—with less work and increased alignment of interests between borrowers, lenders, and end investors.

One-Click “Fund Through PeerStreet” Button and API

Our newly announced API enables our platform to integrate directly with lenders’ own Loan Origination System. We want to seamlessly fit into our lenders’ regular workflow, so this integration will make it easier for them to fund loans and sell them with less admin work—all of which should continue to strengthen and diversify the marketplace for investors.

Automated Loan Document Generation

Instantly generate documents, starting with single family residential loans. We’re piloting this program in California, and will add more states in the coming months. This will help our lenders serve their borrowers faster and reduce turnaround time and costs.

Coming Soon: Lender Loyalty Program

Like our investors, our lenders are helping us build this marketplace. We don’t want this loyalty to go unnoticed, so we will be rolling out a tiered program to give lenders access to greater benefits based on their level of involvement. We also hosted a Lender Celebration & Awards Ceremony to further show our gratitude to our lenders and continue to get to know them on a more personal level. During the awards ceremony, we were thrilled to announce 2018’s PeerStreet Lender of the Year, Karzi Equities, who grew from lending $2.5 million prior to joining PeerStreet to over $100 million on our platform (pictured above). And as a bit of icing on the cake, Brett Crosby also picked up AAPL’s annual Member of the Year Award.

This year’s conference was an excellent opportunity for us to establish and strengthen relationships with lenders, and we do not take these moments for granted. The support and excitement around our platform continues to energize us, and we can’t wait to see what we bring to AAPL next year.

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