PeerStreet Hackathon!

We recently hosted an internal event called “HackStreet”, our second company-wide hackathon designed to spawn innovation from all corners of the company. To inspire employees, none other than Chris Diamantopoulos, who plays Russ Hanneman on HBO’s Silicon Valley, made an appearance to encourage participants (watch the video)

Chris Diamantopoulos (Russ Hanneman on HBO’s Silicon Valley) inspired our team.

This year’s HackStreet was another successful hackathon in which many innovative ideas were developed, some will even be launched to our customers in the near future. Ideas ranged from improving internal processes, building adjacent tools for lenders and adding features for retail customers. A few of the ideas were even “code-complete” and are ready to ship. We’re grateful to all employees who participated, including our illustrious judging panel and our fantastic Lead UX Designer, Brian Stieler, who did an amazing job emceeing the awards ceremony in multiple characters and accents!

Lead UX Designer, Brian Stieler, in character.

Lead UX Designer, Brian Stieler, in character as another character!

Our annual hackathon has become a tradition that allows people throughout the company to stretch our collective thinking and develop new and interesting directions for the company. This aligns with our cultural value that good ideas can come from anywhere. It is a principle applied throughout the year, but perhaps never so strongly as during our hackathon. It brings out the creativity, imagination and fun we aim to foster within our team at PeerStreet.

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