Our Review of 2018—and Our Plan for 2019

As we celebrate the New Year, we want to say thank you! With your participation and support, PeerStreet surpassed $1 billion in investments from our retail investors and institutional buyers combined in 2018 alone, bringing our total funding volume to $1.7 billion since PeerStreet launched.We highlight volume metrics because continued growth can create a virtuous cycle: more loans allow for stronger diversification and more data, which in turn can improve underwriting and bring even more opportunity to the ecosystem. This volume also has a great impact within the communities that are being transformed through the work of hundreds of lenders and thousands of real estate entrepreneurs in our network. By improving communities one house at a time, local lenders can more effectively bring material change in neighborhoods throughout the country.But volume is just one proxy for success. Loan quality, the ability to easily diversify in this asset class, and customer experience remain top priorities for us. This past year, we made several refinements to our credit box and rolled out new loan products to further support investor diversification. Investment options on PeerStreet now include single family residential, multifamily, commercial, cash offer loans, and 30-day notes. We also launched recurring deposits and improved sorting options on your investor dashboard to make our platform even easier to use. We’ve accomplished this all while building a company where people like to work, which has been demonstrated by being honored with several Comparably Awards including, Best Company Happiness, Best Company Leadership, Best CEOs for Women, Best Company Managers, Best CEOs for Diversity, Best Companies for Compensation, and being a top 25 company to work for in Los Angeles. PeerStreet also received several other awards in 2018, most notably among them was HousingWire Tech 100, AAPL Member of the Year, and HousingWire Insider. As we look to the year ahead, we see additional areas for innovation and are excited to deliver an even better customer experience. We are grateful for the feedback and suggestions you’ve provided. We’ll keep them top of mind as we work to uncover new ways to make investing on PeerStreet even easier and more rewarding. We hope you had a wonderful holiday, and we’re looking forward to a prosperous New Year!P.S. If you haven’t set up your self-directed IRA account, perhaps this is the year?

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