NY Times Features PeerStreet

Our co-founder and CEO Brew Johnson discusses the E.N.U.F. initiative, and changing the real estate landscape.

When the NY Times reached out about featuring PeerStreet’s E.N.U.F project, we knew we had to take advantage of the opportunity. It’s a project that’s very close to a lot of us at PeerStreet, and our co-founder Brew was excited to talk about E.N.U.F.

“We have a huge network of expertise and an ability to aggregate capital,” Brew explained to the NY Times. “So let's find some way to point this business to where it’s needed most.”

From the very beginning we had a desire to transform the mortgage finance industry. We wanted to make it more accessible and more inclusive. In many ways, that was the motivation for creating PeerStreet.

Our motto, “leveling the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street,” is more than just words. It’s something we try to live by—and to build our business around. 

So last summer, when we witnessed our country grapple with the murder of George Floyd, we asked ourselves… how can our platform be used to address some of the systemic inequalities of generational wealth? Our E.N.U.F. project was our initial answer to that question.

“We created E.N.U.F. specifically to help address those generational wealth inequalities,” Brett Crosby, PeerStreet’s co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, explained. “Not by holding anyone back, but by including more people who might not otherwise have been able to participate in the real estate industry.”

In reading the NY Times article, it was inspiring to learn about the other real estate equality initiatives happening. The work of those like Black Homeownership Collaborative—with its 3by30 initiative—is creating powerful waves of transformation. 

But even with all of these initiatives, real change is incremental. Doing our small part to support black investors and entrepreneurs is a start, but until the racial gap in homeownership is closed, there’s a lot more to be done—and PeerSteet’s committed to helping.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved with the Evolving Neighborhoods Uplift Fund, either as an investor, entrepreneur or mentor, please visit the E.N.U.F. website.

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