Meet our new hires: Lead Technical Program Manager, Anupama Gunupudi


Editor’s note: Today we’re launching a new blog post series highlighting some of our recent new-hires who are having an outsized impact on our business. We’re incredibly proud of the team we have and excited to highlight some of our new people and the work they do. 

As a company, we’re excited about where we’ve been, but even more excited about where we’re headed. So let us introduce you to some of our new leaders who will help shepherd us into the future. Oh and if you want to work with these impressive people, we're hiring!


What is your role at PeerStreet? 

As a program manager, my role is to get teams to be running like a well oiled machine by implementing processes and improving efficiency for cross-functional collaboration, ensuring that teams are working on the right priorities, and turn the company vision into a tactical and executable plan to provide high quality products for our customers. A program manager touches every aspect of the organization and we try to provide an unbiased and objective approach to every obstacle that comes along our path. The TPM needs information in order to have a birds-eye view of what is going on to make sure the puzzle pieces are being put in the right place. 

What did you do prior to PeerStreet?

I started my career at Raytheon as a systems engineer on the software development platform for F/A-18 and F-15 radar systems, working my way up to Lead System Engineer and Integrated Product Technical Lead (a combined role of tech lead, product manager and project manager). I was also a graduate of the Raytheon Leadership Development Program, an intensive 2 year executive program with training sessions around the country. I moved into program management while at Raytheon for both R&D and production on radar systems. After 9 years there, I took a leap of faith and went to DAQRI, an augmented reality company where I was the lead technical program manager from initial concept through design, development, production, product launch at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and the delivery to customers for the DAQRI Smart Glasses and the DAQRI Smart Helmet. After DAQRI, I went to a seed funded AR startup, Camera IQ, where we built a SaaS platform for managing AR Experiences (such as Snap and IG filters). 

I took a 10 month sabbatical traveling to Japan, India and Spain, spent time with family and rejuvenated from the daily grind. After the reboot, I joined an artificial intelligence company, Beyond Limits, where I was the program manager for the autonomous robotics program as well as the Beyond Limits-Caltech partnership for the output of cutting edge research in AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) to bring into future products.

What do you think makes PeerStreet unique?

Definitely the drive for innovation and the incredible work culture! It is refreshing to be at a company where teams are collaborative and everyone is willing to be creative. Creativity is not just coming up with the next big idea but even something as small as automating a simple task can be a creative approach to improving efficiency. Everyone at PeerStreet tries to find ways to be creative and efficient and that’s really what brings cool ideas to fruition.

What are your favorite parts of the PeerStreet culture summarized in three words?

Respectful, collaborative and creative!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Working with really smart people here and seeing the success of various projects around the org. It is exciting to me when things are coming together, communication is flowing and the growth is visible around the company.

How do you spend your time when you are not at work?

I love to travel and explore new cities but also love the beach and exploring locally, even in LA where I have now lived for 12 years (p.s. I love rooftops!). I am an Indian classical dancer and also play Indian classical music on violin. These days I mainly work on house projects-- most recently I started a bit of woodworking and now have a much better understanding as to why wooden furniture is expensive. I also love solving the NYTimes Crossword.

Define yourself in three words.

Driven, outgoing, efficient.

Thanks Anupama, welcome aboard! If you'd like to join us, we're hiring.

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