LendIt Crowns PeerStreet “Best Real Estate Platform”

We’re excited to share that LendIt, one of the largest media and events companies for FinTech, has named PeerStreet the “Best Real Estate Platform” at this year’s awards ceremony. The ceremony, which is typically accompanied by a dinner at the LendIt conference and attended by the LendIt community was virtual this year, but the honors were real.

Having won “Top Emerging Real Estate Platform” in 2017, we are so proud to have now won the top real estate category just a few short years later. This is one of the most prestigious awards a company can win in our space and this highlights our unwavering commitment to our mission to democratize real-estate debt through technology. 


Each award received and milestone met is meaningful to PeerStreet, but as an active participant in the LendIt community since our platform launched in 2014 this feels extra momentous. We’ve attended numerous LendIt trade shows, spoken on panels and attended many sessions and events associated with their conferences. This year, we were also active in the virtual events through Brett Crosby, our co-founder, appearing on a panel discussing why direct real estate investing continues to attract capital. In this panel, he spoke alongside leading voices in the real estate space, including executives at Lending Home and Sharestates. This session was an example of how the LendIt community has prompted industry discussions that continue to inspire us and contribute to how we grow and innovate our business.


This latest win is also only one of the several industry recognitions PeerStreet has had this year, including being named a finalist for Los Angeles Best Tech Work Culture in the annual Timmy’s Awards, and being named in this year’s CBInsights Fintech 250. We would like to thank the judges, the people behind LendIt (including Peter Renton) and all of our customers, investors, lenders and business partners who continue to believe in and support our mission.

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