Leading One-Click Innovation in the Real Estate Investment Space

PeerStreet has long been both a technology leader and innovator in the digitized real estate investment space. Today, we continue to lead the way with the launch of our newest technological innovation: one-click diversification of real-estate backed debt investing.

As a leading fintech player in real estate investments, this innovation pushes forward PeerStreet’s core mission of building a tech-enabled, two-sided marketplace for both investors and loan holders.

Two-sided marketplaces are a wildly successful business model - consider both household names such as Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb, to niche power players like Zenefits, Upwork, Seamless — that connect multiple individuals with common interests on both sides: merchants and buyers, drivers and riders. To function properly, they are almost exclusively organized as digital platforms powered by technology. This is what PeerStreet has created for the real estate debt marketplace.

Our technology can create access to an instantly diversified portfolio of real estate-backed loans with just the click of a button. 

What’s more, the platform’s cutting edge technology and automation minimizes maintenance, saving on PeerStreet's total headcount and making us more competitive by removing the need to charge management fees. Simplicity is key for platforms such as ours to succeed, and we strive every day to provide that for our users. This new technology creating one-click diversification does just that.

Our dedicated engineering team has been working around the clock. Because of their hard work, and PeerStreet’s vision for the future of real estate, we are constantly unlocking new and innovative ways to make investing more accessible.

With this new feature, we continue to build on our history of platform innovations that enables the complex algorithms that are required to unlock fractional investment in this alternative asset class. We have, and always will, strive to remove the obstacles that hold consumers back from realizing the value of real estate debt investments.

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