Launching the Newest Investment Class for PeerStreet Investors and Lenders: Loans on Multifamily Properties

Investing in multifamily bridge debt has historically been a privilege only reserved for ultra high net worth and institutional investors and family offices. Until now. Meet our newest real estate investing asset class easily accessible for both investors and lenders: Multifamily Bridge Loans.

Previously, PeerStreet has primarily focused on short-term bridge loans and longer-term buy to rent loans, both collateralized by single family residential properties. As investor appetite for real estate investing has rebounded strongly, we started to create more resources and tools for PeerStreet lenders and investors alike. Over the past year, Multifamily Bridge Loans have gained popularity among borrowers and our nationwide network of lenders. Now, investors can get in on the action, too. 

How they work

A Multifamily Bridge Loan is conceptually just like a Single Family Property Bridge Loan, but collateralized by 5 or more units. 

Multifamily Bridge Loans are used by borrowers to acquire, upgrade, renovate, and reposition multifamily properties (5+ units). After the work on a property has been completed and people are physically living there and paying rent, the loan gets repaid when the property is either sold or refinanced with longer-term permanent financing. One of the many advantages of bridge loans for borrowers is that they often close very quickly and are based more on the value of the property than other factors. 

The specifics of PeerStreet’s Multifamily Bridge Loans

What This Means For Your Wallet

Diversify your portfolio

Investing in Multifamily Bridge Loans can earn you yields that are greater than most traditional fixed income investments. How? This real estate investing asset class gives you the ability to diversify your portfolio backed by the security of a highly-sought-after product type: multifamily real estate. 

Tap into strong market demand

Multifamily Bridge Loans are expected to continue being a highly-sought-after asset in real estate investing, according to strong fundamentals in the national rental housing market.* So when you invest in real estate, you can feel good about tapping into different and growing markets and asset classes.

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*Pollack, Lynn. “Multifamily Set to Continue as Ideal Inflationary Hedge.”, 13, Aug. 2021

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