Investor Spotlight: Jordan Wyckoff

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Meet Jordan Wyckoff


Jordan is a 36 year-old living in Brooklyn, New York, with his girlfriend and beloved English bulldog (@sirwinstonofparkslope). Physical health and sports has always been his career focus, having worked as a baseball coach upon graduating college, and then as a scout for a Missouri baseball team. Today, he’s Director of Bike Operations & Logistics at a millennial-favorite fitness company with very spirited instructors. 

Real Estate Investing Experience

What’s your experience with real estate in general?

I started getting serious about investing in 2015, mostly through index funds and my 401K, and in 2018 started dabbling in real estate investing. I came across PeerStreet early on and loved the concept, especially the ability to review deals on an individual level. Since then, I’ve diversified into other real estate platforms and types of real estate investments, including property tax lien investing.

What’s your investment style?

Generally speaking I like to be hands off when it comes to stocks and use apps like Wealthfront to simplify the process for myself, but when it comes to real estate, I’m super hands on. I like researching the properties and deep-diving into the deals. I find it fun to go through and do the homework and learn more about the tangible assets before investing.

What’s been your favorite real estate investment to date?

It was actually on PeerStreet! “Brooklyn refinance #37”. It’s a property down the street from where I live and I walk past it on my way to work every day. It’s a mixed use building, with a restaurant at the bottom floor and apartments above. I loved seeing the property evolve, starting from the for sale sign, and then it’s development, and I knew that every time I got paid by PeerStreet it was coming from them doing work on that property.

Who got you into investing, and what do you invest for?

My sister got me into investing, she’s financially savvy and told me to pay off debt to free up the ability to start making investments. It helped me turn a corner and I’ve been invested since. I re-invest everything that I make to set myself up for retirement.

Give us your top investing advice.

The sooner you start, the better, and automate as much as possible. Once you’ve picked an investing platform, set up auto-deposit and let it run in the background of your life so that you truly make the decision to invest and stick with it, rather than be faced with the decision to invest your money again and again. This really helped me during the pandemic, because even though things got tougher, I still stuck with it and kept up my contribution level, and now it’s paid off with the markets doing so well.


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