Getting the Word Out, Think Realty Covers E.N.U.F.

Think Realty, the real estate focused magazine, recently wrote about PeerStreet’s Evolving Neighborhood Uplift Fund, “E.N.U.F.”. The piece highlights the purpose behind E.N.U.F., which is to create a more purposeful and sustainable way to invest in real estate entrepreneurs from underserved communities across the country. 

The piece includes quotes from Ashley Flucas, General Partner of Flucas Ventures and a founding advisor to the E.N.U.F. project; Edward Wang, Director of Corporate Social Impact, at the Tides Foundation; as well as from our CEO, Brew Johnson.

It also encourages entrepreneurs to apply to the program and lists the qualifications. Applicants will be reviewed by the E.N.U.F. Advisory Board on a number of criteria, including:

You can learn more about E.N.U.F., donate to the program and even apply to become a mentor or mentee at

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