Case study: How JW Capital Group doubled their loan volume in less than two years by partnering with PeerStreet

JW Capital Group is a direct private lender specializing in short-term secured loans. They offer financing for investments in residential and commercial real estate. PeerStreet conducted a case study to determine the firm’s challenges, then proposed solutions and evaluated the results of our partnership together. Success stories like this are why we are so passionate about building this marketplace.

The challenge: Scale the business, close more loans

JW Capital’s growth was slowing down. In addition to struggling to raise their capital fund, they had a hard time originating loans quickly — their small team couldn’t keep up. This hurt relationships with their borrowers, impacting the growth they envisioned for their business. At PeerStreet, we knew that to help JW Capital succeed, we needed to help them scale their business and close more loans. 

Our solution: Marketplace, technology, people

JW Capital tapped into PeerStreet’s marketplace to access institutional and investor capital at leading rates. They also partnered with us on funding into origination (FIO) loans and table-funded projects. PeerStreet streamlined JW Capital’s origination process through automation and digitization — so they could spend less time processing, and more time generating new borrower leads. We offered them access to a list of features through our technology platform, Lender Platform, including:

  1. DocGen auto-generates loan documents, so originators can complete files more quickly for borrowers. On average, originators who use DocGen see a 29% reduction in time it takes to fund a loan. 
  2. Scenario Builder allows originators to input different loan scenarios to instantly provide borrowers with a variety of rate options and loan terms — based on their  individual needs. Originators can easily identify the best rate or maximum leverage to lock in borrowers faster, while creating a better customer experience.
  3. Credit Box Advisor enables originators to quickly understand if a loan has demand through the PeerStreet marketplace and gives instant feedback on whether or not the loan will qualify to “sell” through the platform.
  4. Task Manager creates dynamic tasks associated with the type of loan submitted in order to close the loan.

PeerStreet continually develops tools that make it easier to fund and sell loans, so originators can focus on what they do best — generating new leads to grow their businesses. We look forward to unrolling our new Originator Suite, an industry-first suite of tools designed to scale your business and improve your borrower relationships. With this upgrade, originators can create custom loan scenarios, check rates, and have borrowers apply via your website. Curious? Learn more about our Originator Suite here

From relationship managers and processors, to underwriters, legal teams, and asset managers, PeerStreet’s expert teams served as partners through every step of the process. So JW Capital could scale faster and smarter — all while doing less.

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We were held back by the old way of doing things, and struggled to keep up with the competition. PeerStreet gave us our freedom back. Now, we’re back to doing what we do best.”


Results: In their first year with PeerStreet, JW Capital grew by more than 400%

Now, JW Capital is competing with large financial institutions and fulfilling their borrowers’ expectations — growing their loan volume with PeerStreet by 207% in just under two years. And, as their efficiency grew, so did their customers’ interest in what JW Capital could offer, turning them into the originating partner they set out to become — with no help from a bank, no managing of investors, and no need to hire anyone beyond their nine-person team.

400% GROWTH in one year with PeerStreet
2X THE LOAN VOLUME in just under two years
$1M LOAN VOLUME per year with PeerStreet
$4.3M in total loan volume

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