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PeerStreet’s Co-founder and COO, Brett Crosby, was recently a guest on Craig Sewing’s American Dream TV show to discuss PeerStreet and how it allows more people to access real estate debt as an investment to generate passive income.Brett explains how PeerStreet’s model allows for investing in real estate like never before. Investors have been able to invest in real estate equity, but real estate debt investments, which are typically safer because of where they are on the capital stack, is a relatively new innovation. By giving people access to real estate-backed loans, investors can diversify their portfolios through PeerStreet, which as a company, double checks the underwriting of each loan offered as an investment. PeerStreet empowers the American Dream, which Brett points out because it is a safer investment than many alternative options such as consumer credit. Not only that, PeerStreet enables real estate entrepreneurs to improve the US housing stock which creates jobs and improve communities.Brett also discussed his time in San Diego (where the show is filmed and where Brett co-founded Urchin Software Corporation before it was acquired by Google in 2005 and subsequently relaunched as Google Analytics) as well as his time at Google. The premise of the show is to highlight positive news and opportunities in part to offer an alternative to the modern day negative news cycle. Watch the full interview on YouTube.

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